Friday, September 02, 2005

A Picture Share!

The sign says the store is under renovation and "youll love what's coming next!" in September.

The Virgin Mega Stores will be launching 250 recording stations per store in mid september. The UK stores are launching today though.

There is a bunch of construction at both the Times Square store and the Broadway/13th store.

The recording stations will allow barcode scanning and listening to 30 second clips of songs on the CD.

They also offer a "browser" of sorts so you can scan/search for artist/song. aka Google of music. Type in "Seal" in the search window and up comes all songs/albums associated w/ artist Seal.

I'm wondering if "Seal" is a keyword and it will be associated with Muze's music database?

Will Virgin use music artists names as identifers?

I was able to see ALL songs that Seal was linked to, a great application.

This concept is very similar to Borders, FYE and a couple other major record retailers. I'm a little surprised that Virgin is behind the curve for this.

One thing about Virgin, if you can't find a song or album in that store, it doesn't's massive and it offers the PERFECT place to listen to a variety of music.

Virgin employees were excited about this new service and were a little disappointed it was taking so long.

The machines were in the back of the Broadway store and I got to see what they offered, they should get lots of use.

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