Tuesday, August 30, 2005

A Picture Share!


Larry said...

I dont see "PAPERCLICK" anywhere.
Probably was just wishful thinking.
Oh Well maybe tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Gimme a break, Larry. That word isn't going to show up everywhere, you know. If you think that's their intentions, you should probably read a little bit more about it. It doesn't sound like you understand how this works.

Anonymous said...

From Jan 5, 2004: The Complaint alleges that the Virgin Megaplay Stations located in Virgin's Megastores infringe NeoMedia's patents by using [b]Virgin's Megascan[/b] technology to allow customers to scan UPC codes from in-store CDs and DVDs to access Internet-based product information, such as music and movie previews, and album and video art. The Complaint also alleges that Virgin had notice of NeoMedia's patents since the latter part of 2002 or before, yet it continued with its infringing activities.

Now, noticed the Virgin's Megascan in the picture? And did you realized that Virgin settled their lawsuit with Neomedia last month and agreed to pay for licensing til 2016?

NeoMedia Technologies, Inc. (OTC BB: NEOM), an innovator in wireless services and patented technologies that provide automatic links to Internet-based information, said today that it has reached an out-of-court agreement and settlement with Virgin Entertainment Group, Inc., whom it sued for patent infringement in 2004, with Virgin agreeing to purchase a license to use NeoMedia’s patented PaperClick® technology platform through 2016.

Virgin can rebrand it anyway they want it. They still have to pay a license to use Neomedia's patented PC.


Larry said...

Hey Guys
I was halfway kidding in my post. I was hoping maybe to see a small sticker saying "powered by Paperclick" It is also possible that this is the old equipment and the really cool new ideas have not been showcased yet. Anyway its all good.

Ron said...

So if you put the content on a local server you are not infringing Neomedia? What about VPN or Peer to Peer communication?